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Current version - v2.0.0#

The state of the repository and documentation represents the current state-of-the-art of the iFDO standard. The current version as documented here is v2.0.0. The version of an iFDO can be specified by the image-set-ifdo-version field in the image-set-header part.


v2.0.1 -> v2.1.0#

  • Added crosswalk from iFDO fields to PDS4 fields to JSON schema specification
  • Added references to past schema definitions to documentation

v2.0.0 -> v2.0.1#

  • relaxed jsonschema to also allow trimmed UUIDs (without hyphens)

v1.2.0 -> v2.0.0#

  • Includes breaking changes to v1.x.y Sorry. All changes were made to move forwards with the iFDO concept towards a robust metadata schema. Hence, there exists now a schema definition file for iFDOs, annotations and the provenance format. This required to make the changes explained below in the other version changes of
  • It is now recommended to provide ifdo files in JSON format
  • The field image-provenance has been added to document the agents, entities and activities that led to the creation of the image set. This field is inspired by the definition of w3-prov
  • The ambiguity of having two options for altitude / depth has been removed by dropping the image-depth field entirely (you may use it if you like but the renamed field image-altitude-meters is required as well)
  • Many fields that used to be strings are now objects to provide not only a value but also a link to external resources, e.g. image-platform: {name: PFM-XYZ, uri: https://foobar/PFM-XYZ}. Others fields that are affected: image-sensor, image-license, image-context, image-project, image-event, image-pi
  • The image-related-material field was added to reference information in external resources that relates to this iFDO (e.g. cruise reports).
  • The four fields image-set-[min,max]-[latitude,longitude]-degrees were added to define a bounding box within which all images of the iFDO reside
  • It is now required, that the iFDO image-set-header part includes one representative value for each of these fields: image-datetime, image-latitude, image-longitude, and image-altitude-meters
  • Some field names changes to either be properly spelled or include the unit name into the field name, e.g. for image-altitude which is now called image-altitude-meters and image-area-square-meterwhich is now called

v1.1.0 -> v1.2.0#

  • Added core field image-local-path
  • Added core field image-handle
  • core fields are no longer strictly mandatory but most (as marked) are necessary to make the iFDO actually FAIR

v1.0.0 -> v1.1.0#

  • Added the required image-set-ifdo-version field as an image-set-header-only field of the iFDO core section
  • Dropped the optional image-pixel-per-millimeter field from the iFDO capture section due to redundancy with image-area-square-meter field (you can keep using it if you like but tools might not understand it anymore)
  • Renamed image-resolution in iFDO capture section to image-pixel-magnitude to avoid ambiguity
  • Added the optional image-datetime-format field to specify non-standard date formats
  • Added the image-annotations:labels:created-at field as an ISO8601 datetime of an annotation
  • Corrected wrong data types in image-camera-pose subfields.
  • Modified the description texts (on using iFDO usage for video, image pixel coordinates, annotation confidence, )
  • specified field data types consistently
  • Added a roadmap of the iFDO development