A paper has been published in Research Ideas and Outcomes that presents the topics, ideas and challenges that were addressed in the discussion sessions during the workshop:
Schoening T, Durden J, Preuss I, Branzan Albu A, Purser A, De Smet B, Dominguez-Carrio C, Yesson C, de Jonge D, Lindsay D, Schulz J, Möller K, Beisiegel K, Kuhnz L, Hoeberechts M, Piechaud N, Sharuga S, Treibitz T (2017) Report on the Marine Imaging Workshop 2017. Research Ideas and Outcomes 3: e13820. https://doi.org/10.3897/rio.3.e13820


Tuesday - 21.02. Wednesday - 22.02. Thursday - 23.02.
08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening Remarks Keynote: Yoav Schechner
"Opportunties in distributed imaging through scatter"
Keynote: Sönke Johnsen
"Seeing the underwater world through the eyes of animals"
09:30 Keynote: Jules Jaffe
"From the Titanic to the tiny: 30 years of inventing underwater imaging systems"
10:00 Ariell Friedman: An online platform for exploration, management and annotation of georeferenced images & videos Tim Walles: Comparing in situ imaging profiles from the Mini Deep-Focus Plankton Imager with Camera based ZooProcess analyses of net tows in the LakeLab mesocosms.
10:15 Tim Nattkemper: BIIGLE 2.0 - a software platform for collaborative web-based marine image annotation Klas Ove Möller: Undersampled and underrated? Resolving the small-scale distribution and impact of marine snow and zooplankton on carbon fluxes using towed and stationary imaging systems
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Jennifer Durden: Perspectives in visual imaging for marine biology and ecology: from acquisition to understanding Jonas Osterloff: Extracting scalar quantities from underwater images - a toolbox for image data from fixed observatorie Noelie Benoist: A generalised method to estimate megafauna biovolume from seabed photographs
11:15 Oscar Pizarro: Autonomous Benthic Monitoring Downunder Fahimeh Farhadifard: Underwater Video Processing: Marine Snow Removal Nicole Hildebrandt: Optical methods in zooplankton studies - how efficient is LOKI (Lightframe On-sight Key species Investigation) in analyzing Arctic zooplankton communities?
11:30 Henry Ruhl: Autonomous Ecological Surveying of the Abyss at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain Kristian Meissner: Fine-Grained Classification of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Anthony Bernard: Employing stereo-video imaging techniques to survey the reef associated fishes on the continental shelf of South Africa
11:45 Fabio De Leo: Seafloor cabled observatory networks: real-time lenses into the deep ocean Maia Hoeberechts: Automated Fish Counting for Fisheries Science: A Contest Cherisse Du Preez: Monitoring spatial and temporal variability at hydrothermal vents: a decade of repeated centimeter-scale mapping
12:00 Ola Oskarsson: Survey ROVs: Groundbreaking Technologies a Game Changer for Deep Sea Base Line Imaging Timm Schoening: Comparison of automated nodule detection strategies Session Q&A
12:15 Lunch break
12:45 Poster session & GEOMAR tours
13:15 Alexandra Branzan Albu: Teaching Underwater Image Processing with Graphical User Interfaces Derya Akkaynak: Bridging Optical Oceanography and Underwater Computer Vision Linda Kuhnz: Building an information-rich, insightful marine imagery database: fundamental principles
13:30 Daniëlle de Jonge: Towed video imagery analysis for monitoring hydrothermal background fauna: efficiency vs. scientific rigor Michael Kloster: Automated diatom image analysis with SHERPA Brian Schlining: Next-generation Annotation Management
13:45 Franzis Althaus - Towed camera imagery and benthic sled catches provide different views of seamount benthic diversity Daniel Brün: Integrating high performance computing and digital asset management for marine image analysis Carsten Schirnick: Management of Marine Media Metadata
14:00 Autun Purser: OFOS Acoustic: A towed imaging and sonar platform for sefloor exploration and impact monitoring - data collection, processing and publication Daniel Langenkämper: A multi-modal machine learning architecture for adaptive online object recognition in benthic image data Session Q&A
14:15 Ines Dumke: Underwater hyperspectral imaging applied on a seabed lander Matthew Wyatt: Rapid reporting of benthic habitats using deep learning with convolutional neural networks Break-Out Discussion Session
14:30 Session Q&A Session Q&A
14:45 Break-Out Discussion Session Break-Out Discussion Session
15:15 Closing remarks
15:45 Coffee break
16:15 Tali Treibitz: Advanced Optical Imaging in the Ocean Kevin Köser - Visual Mapping of the Central DISCOL Experimental Area
16:30 Dhugal Lindsay: Ultra-high definition underwater video: real-world testing from capture to archival and annotation Katleen Robert: ROV Photogrammetry for high resolution mapping of vertical corals reefs
16:45 Franzis Althaus: Stereo Deepwater Baited Remote Underwater Stereo-Video System (DeepBRUVS) - proof of concept and future direction Blair Thornton: Application of Multi-hectare 3D Visual Maps for Deep-sea Megabenthic Survey
17:00 Gerhard Herndl: A digital inline holographic microscope for exploration of ocean particles and plankton Tom Kwasnitschka: Virtual Vents: Photogrammetry of an entire hydrothermal vent field
17:15 Session Q&A Session Q&A
17:30 Poster Session & GEOMAR Tours
18:30 Conference Dinner
Photo competition award
Best poster award


Photo competition

Congratulations to the three photo competition winners:

Sergey Galkin: "Deep-sea octopus in his own garden" (Marine Natural Environment)

Noelie Benoist: "Chaos in the deep sea"
(Marine Art)

Cherisse Du Preez: "Beautiful day for a quick dip"
(Human Activities in the Marine Environment)


The Marine Imaging Workshop 2017 was sponsored by:




Scientific organising committee: Timm Schoening (GEOMAR, Germany), Jennifer Durden (NOCS, UK), Franzis Althaus (CSIRO, Australia), David Bowden (NIWA, New Zealand), Daphne Cuvelier (UAC, Portugal), Fabio De Leo (ONC, Canada), Linda Kuhnz (MBARI, USA), Dhugal Lindsay (JAMSTEC, Japan), Oscar Pizarro (ACFR, Australia), Tali Treibitz (Uni Haifa, Israel), Brian Bett (NOCS, UK), Tim W. Nattkemper (Uni Bielefeld, Germany)

Local organising committee: Inken Preuss, Hayley Reid, Anne Peukert, Florian Gausepohl, Timm Schoening

info [at] marine-imaging-workshop [dot] com - January 2017