The marine imaging community is currently setting up working groups as a platform to continuously work together as a team on specific frontiers of the marine imaging research.
Working groups aim to provide open access (executive) summary reports as documents for the wider public.

Automating is a big hope for marine imaging. Our community actually formed around the idea of tranforming opportunistic underwater imaging to a robust research tool by fusing ecology expertise with machine learning. Although we have been working on this topic for more than a decade now, a breakthrough still seems ahead of us.
Within this working group we suggest to work on focused topics to identify current gaps and boundaries in automation. We aim to advance the methods as well as the accessibility to them. Potential Topics are:
  • State-of-the-art: Identification of relevant software (packages) that are widely used in the community that could become benchmarks. Identification of colleagues and publications related to automated marine imaging
  • Locating, creating and publishing benchmark data sets for the evaluation of machine learning methods - Publication of best-practices to report automated image analysis methods as well as results
  • Please contact us at info [at] if you would like to propose another working group or participate in these efforts.
Please contact tschoening [at] if you would like to participate in this working group.